Following on from the success of the launch party and film made for Pop & Suki in 2016, I was invited to design, produce and direct the company's 3 day Spring / Summer 2017 Campaign. From the development of the set to the editing of the fashion film, having complete control over the project allowed me to test out ideas inspired by the three pillars of the brand's identity, Best Friendhsip, Versatilty and Customisation


fashion film that shot on the final day of the campaign, design directed and edited by samuel douek.

Director of photography - corey c. waters

models - elaine carlin, caroline silta, shelbi byrnes and elysse etl

The design of the set was inspired by a combination of Victorian travel trunks that open vertically and a minimalist hardware store using the Pop & Suki Pink colour palette. the whole set is dynamic and transportable and can be moved and rearranged in any configuration to suit different spaces and functions

behind the scenes - pop & suki ss17 campaign

designed, directed and edited - samuel douek / director of photography - corey c. waters